Charlie Sheen Reveals Daughter's Influence on His Nearly 6 Years of Sobriety
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In addition to talking about being sober for more than five years, the former 'Anger Management' star shares his new morning routine after he quit drinking alcohol.

AceShowbiz - Charlie Sheen has revealed that his daughter has influenced his nearly six years of sobriety. More than five years after deciding to quit drinking, the actor portraying Charlie Goodson on "Anger Management" explained how breaking a promise to his daughter led him to start his sobriety journey.

In a new interview published on Thursday, December 7, the 58-year-old reflected on what happened right before he began his journey in getting sober. Speaking to PEOPLE, he recalled, "One morning I'd forgotten my daughter had an appointment I'd promised to drive her to, and I'd already had a couple of pops that day. So had to call my friend Tony to take us."

Charlie elaborated, "We got her there on time, but it broke my heart because she was in the backseat and I could just tell she was thinking, 'Why isn't dad driving?' So I got home and sat with that for the rest of the day. And the next morning I just stopped."

About his negative drinking habit in the past, the former "Two and a Half Men" star, who shares 19-year-old Sami Sheen and 18-year-old Lola Sheen with his former wife Denise Richards, admitted, "I loved drinking in the morning." He went on to say, "Loved some scotch in the coffee."

Fortunately, Charlie's routine has changed. "Next month I'll be six years sober," he proudly declared. "I have a very consistent lifestyle now. It's all about single dad stuff, and raising my 14-year-old twin boys Max and Bob," he further stated, referring to his kids with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

"Now I wake up early, around 4:30 or 5 A.M., get an early jump on the news, work out, answer emails," Charlie continued. "Then I get the kids up and help them with their morning routine, if you can call it a routine."

During the chat, Charlie shared how he managed not to drink alcohol. "I think the first month I was like, 'I'm going to have give it a month, just see if I feel any better, and if my interactions with those that are closest to me improve.' And they did. And I'm like, 'All right, I'm going to go another month.' And then it got traction. I had momentum."

"There was just instant evidence that this was the side I needed to be on. I couldn't be in denial about it anymore," he added. "I'm proud of the choices that I've made and the changes I've made to live a life today that will never look like that mess. That was some alien version of myself."

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