Beyonce Under Fire for Screening 'Renaissance' Film in Israel Despite War

The 'Break My Soul' hitmaker is accused of being a 'capitalist' who 'doesn't care' about the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East and only cares about 'money and power.'

AceShowbiz - While "Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce" has become one of the highly-anticipated concert movies this year, not everyone is apparently looking forward to it. Beyonce Knowles has been blasted for screening the movie in Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war.

"I'm genuinely so disappointed that Beyonce and her team gave the Palestinians the middle finger and decided to still move forward with releasing her film in Israel," one person reacted on X, formerly Twitter. A second urged, "Pull #RenaissanceFilm out of Israel @Beyonce. You see us. You hear us. You will be successful either way, so just do it because it's the right thing to do."

Another claimed, "Beyonce knows what is happening in Israel. If her daughter can see mean comments about herself, then I'm sure she's seen thousands of dead Palestinian children on all of our timelines. Beyonce doesn't care, she cares about money and power. She's apart of the ruling class."

Slamming the R&B diva for not taking a stand in the conflict, one other noted, "Let's not forget that Beyonce is still choosing to play her film in Israel and has been silent on the ongoing genocide in Palestine for the sake of fame and wealth."

"She's nobody's saviour. Just another capitalist who doesn't care about Palestine," somebody penned, while someone else remarked, "Something about 'You won't break my soul' playing in an Israeli theatre just don't sit right..."

Some Beyhives, meanwhile, have come to Bey's defense, with one person saying, "And if it don't premiere there is the war gonna stop? Y'all acting like a general is gonna be like oh beyonce not coming here now better call the troops back. Stop using a war to try and s**t on a celebrity it ain't the responsibility to speak on politics."

Also clapping back at the critics, a second fan reminded of Beyonce's stance against Israeli concerts back in 2015. "All this to say i'm not telling anyone whether or not to boycott, but to paint her in favor of genocide when she's one of the few celebrities that have taken a stance AGAINST israel before this year's events even occurred is just absurd," the said person wrote.

"Tough to swallow that a songstress gotta bear the brunt of global politics, slingin' solutions like she's the UN," a third fan remarked, while another argued, "A big factor is AMC is distributing the film, not Beyonce herself. AMC has contractual obligations with cinemas so Beyonce can't just say remove the movie from Tel Aviv and AMC says okay."

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