Rick Ross Hilariously Struggles to Book Flight for Meek Mill Due to Their Similar Names

The 'Aston Martin Music' rapper reveals that he found out about having identical monikers with his 'Too Good to Be True' album collaborator when he was about to 'fly him in.'

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross revealed that he was taken aback by his and Meek Mill's similar names. In a new interview, the "Aston Martin Music" rapper recalled "one of the funniest stories" about him finding out that he and the "All Eyes on You" spitter share identical monikers, just reversed.

"One of the funniest stories ever is when I first was getting the flight tickets to fly Meek down to where I was at, after we met in Philly," the 47-year-old recalled in a chat, which was published by PEOPLE on Wednesday, November 29. "I called my sister, I told her, I said, 'Renee, book this young artist, I like this guy. Fly him in for me.' "

Rick, whose real name is William Roberts, went on to recount, "She like, 'When?' 'Fly him in tonight. I'm finna send you the info.' " He continued, "And so she called me back a couple times, 'You sending me the wrong information.' I say, 'No, I'm not, let me do it again.' "

The "Purple Lamborghini" rapper further explained that he decided to take a "screenshot" of Meek's information and "send it" to his sister. He then elaborated, "She said, 'You sent me the wrong information again. You keep sending me your name.' 'No, I'm not.' And that's when I read it and I said, 'What the f**k is this?' "

Upon learning that Meek was born with the name Robert Williams, Rick reached out to his fellow hip-hop artist to make it clear. He said, "I called him back. 'Hey, your name Robert Williams? Say, little homie, my name William Roberts. No f**king way.' But we got him the ticket and here we are."

About the identical names, Rick stated, "I'm not going to bulls**t you and say it's the names, because we could have had the same names and both been garbage." He additionally pointed out, "But this is most definitely a unique situation."

Elsewhere in the interview, Rick talked about his and Meek's collaborative album titled "Too Good to Be True", which was released on November 10. He claimed that their project "without a doubt" made the two artists closer. "Because we both have our own individual empires that we're head of," he reasoned.

Rick then shared, "So this extra time, these extra late in the night calls, 'Yo, you heard that mix?' 'Yo, I think we should try this.' 'Oh, we should change this.' 'Let's swap these verses.' That s**t just take us back to 10 years ago when we were getting ready to collaborate on records like 'I'm a Boss.' And now when we come out and perform those records 10 years later, it's still unbelievable at times, the reaction that you get."

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