Leslie Odom Jr. Hopes His Kids Could Become Journalist or Doctor Instead of Artist Like Him

The 'Hamilton' actor hopes he's 'raising a little journalist and a little doctor' as he wants his children to pursue something they are 'passionate about.'

AceShowbiz - Leslie Odom Jr. hopes his children choose to do what they are "passionate about." The "Hamilton" star, 42, prefers his son Able Phineas and daughter Lucille Ruby to follow their own career dreams than follow him and his actress wife, Nicolette Kloe Robinson, 35, into the arts.

"They're both way better than I was at their age. But I have to say, I hope I'm raising a little journalist and a little doctor. For Nicolette and I, this is our chosen vocation. I would be very, very happy if my kids decided to do something else," he told Parade magazine.

"I just want them to find something they're passionate about. You know, a couple of years ago, I was writing in my journal and started thinking about examples of people on the world stage who have conviction. Too many people feign it - they don't believe in what they're saying. They're doing it for clicks and attention, do you know what I mean? And my list wasn't as long as I wanted it to be."

The Broadway star - who has also starred in TV shows such as "Gilmore Girls", "Grey's Anatomy", and "Supernatural" - hopes he's a good example of someone who does something with "conviction."

He explained, "I realised I needed to be the example of conviction that I'm looking for. If I do it for my kids, I have a better shot at doing it for other people. The way this particular time is in the world, you've got to be what you want to see."

"You really do have to make a decision - especially if you're looking for it, if you're on the search for something spiritual, or if you're looking for somebody that can show you how to fight for justice or fight on the planet. I mean, yeah, we've got to be those things right now."

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