Cher 'Chickening Out' of Writing Some Parts of Her Life in Memoir

The 'Believe' hitmaker admits she needs to 'man up' because she's left uncomfortable when writing candid stories about her life in an upcoming tell-all book.

AceShowbiz - Cher is altering her memoir after "chickening out" of writing about certain parts of her life. The 77-year-old singer appeared reluctant when questioned about her upcoming autobiography and admitted she's been forced to "man up" and look back over the more uncomfortable things that have happened to having initially omitted them from her story.

Host Jimmy Fallon asked Cher on "The Tonight Show" on Thursday, November 23 about her book coming out and said it was "exciting." His guest replied, "Yeah. Uhhh." Jimmy then asked, "No, what do you mean?"

Cher replied, "No, you know why? Because I just totally chickened out because I guess I was, I don't know what I was, I was just totally chickening out. I didn't put in some things that need to be in and they're not comfortable, but they need to be in. So I have to go back and man up."

The "Believe" hitmaker joked the book will be too long by the time she's finished because she's crammed so much into her life. She quipped, "And also, I've lived too long and done too much so it should be the encyclopaedia."

The host noted, "You got to do it. It's like beyond therapy, it's tough." The 49-year-old presenter then suggested they "come up" with a title for the tome after the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer admitted she didn't have one.

However, Cher was not convinced by Jimmy's suggestions of "I Got Scoops Babe" or "Over Cher-ing". He said, "So you're going to tell some things you maybe shouldn't tell - how about 'I Got Scoops Babe'." Noting the audience had "groaned" as Cher shook her head, Jimmy just laughed before going on to suggest "Over Cher-ing," prompting an eye roll from his guest.

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