Sydney Sweeney Struggles to Build 'Meaningful' Friendships in Hollywood

The 'Euphoria' actress cherishes few friends she makes in the entertainment industry because she found it hard to build 'meaningful relationships' in Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - Sydney Sweeney has a "hard time" building "meaningful" friendships in Hollywood. The 26-year-old actress cherishes the friends she makes during filming so does whatever she can to maintain the relationships when a project comes to an end, such as her close bond with "Euphoria" co-star Maude Apatow.

"It's hard to build meaningful relationships, so whenever I am able to feel that connection, I try to foster it. Like Maude [Apatow] - I look at her as my sister," she told Women's Health magazine.

Most recently, Sydney grew close to her "Anyone but You" co-star Glen Powell and hopes their bond is reflected on screen. She said, "Getting to work with Glen, I'll never forget this oneā€¦"

"I hope the audience can actually feel the love and fun we all shared making this film. That's something I always feel from my favourite rom-coms - the joy and energy shared amongst the cast and crew, and I was lucky enough to experience that on this film."

"The White Lotus" actress struggles with anxiety but find solace in the outdoors. She said, "Whenever it feels like the world's so loud, and there's so much going on, and I'm trying to balance it all - sometimes, it can feel overwhelming."

As well as taking walks with her dog, Tank, Sydney also loves to waterski. She said of her hobby, "It's a rare moment when I can actually just hear myself breathing, where everything else goes quiet. No one else is back there with me - just me, the ski, the lake behind the boat. All I'm thinking about is skiing, and there are not many things that allow my brain to shut off that way."

And the sport also has a lot of physical benefits. She explained, "It's a lot of upper body strength, it's balance, it's core, it's legs - you get tired really fast. I see such a change in my body after an entire summer of [skiing]. My arms are stronger, more sculpted. My abs are rock solid. But I never look at it as a workout because it is so much fun."

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