Ariana Grande's Family Thinks Ethan Slater Is 'Perfect Match' for Her
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The 'Thank U, Next' hitmaker and her 'Wicked' co-star have reportedly met each other's parents as she thinks it's 'important that anyone she's dating meets her family.'

AceShowbiz - Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are seemingly in for long haul. Despite being shrouded in drama since their relationship was exposed in July due to their respective marital status, it has reportedly since grown into a strong and serious one.

A source now tells Us Weekly that the "Wicked" co-stars are "getting super serious," with the former Nickelodeon star seeing "herself with him for the long term." The source adds, "Ethan and Ariana's relationship is going very well and they're both very involved in each other's lives."

And Ariana and Ethan do not hesitate to involve their families in their relationship as they have reportedly met each other's parents. "Ethan's met her family. And she's met his family," the so-called insider spills, adding that the "7 Rings" singer thinks it's "important that anyone she's dating meets her family."

As to how Ariana's family reacts to her new boyfriend, the source claims, "Ariana's entire family has given [Ethan] the stamp of approval." Her inner circle reportedly "adores him and thinks that he's a perfect match for her."

Both Ariana and Ethan make it a "top priority" to be "super family-driven and love that about one another." The actress/singer's family also loves that Ethan is "balanced, motivated, professional, extremely respectful of her and her boundaries, and her profession."

The source goes on dishing that the lovebirds have "a lot in common, especially their theatrical side," explaining, "They're a little dorky and [both] theatre geeks at heart. She loves that about him. It's mutual."

"Their relationship is blossoming. It's effortless with zero drama," the informant adds. "They bonded over the simplest things and just genuinely get along without trying. They can just be each other around one another."

While Ethan continues to prioritize his role as a father to his son whom he shares with estranged wife Lilly Jay, he and Ariana are allegedly making plans for the future. "He always puts his family first but adores her and is very cognizant of her feelings," the source continues. "Ethan is a great listener, very proactive and wants to be the best partner he can be."

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