Lily Allen Quit Music Because She's 'Slightly Confused as a Creator'
Grazia Magazine/Amanda Fordyce

The 'Smile' singer explains that she decided to switch from music to acting because 'the medium's evolved somewhere that [she doesn't] quite understand.'

AceShowbiz - Lily Allen concentrates on building her acting career than music as she says she doesn't "quite understand" the medium any more. The "Smile" singer, 38, has split her time between the UK and her home in New York - which she shares with her "Stranger Things" actor husband David Harbour, 48, and her two kids - as she starred in West End plays in London.

"I don't think I've ever been more scared than before the opening nights. I'm a mum. It sounds so tragic and sad. I sort of feel like I've had my career. I know I'm only 38," she told Grazia magazine about wanting to chase her acting goals despite finding playing her roles in "2:22 A Ghost Story" and "The Pillowman" to be "utterly terrifying."

Lily added that even though she has been working on music she feels "slightly confused as a creator" as she thinks "the medium's evolved somewhere that I don't quite understand."

Lily also told in her frank chat how jokes about rape when she was on a TV show were horrendous but she laughed at it at the time as "it was the culture."

She was tackling a clip from Channel 4's "The Big Fat Quiz of the Year" from 2007 when she was part of a panel including comedian Russell Brand, chat show host Jonathan Ross, and "Great British Bake Off" judge Noel Fielding, which was headed by host Jimmy Carr.

Jonathan said he hoped she would "go home with her dress still on," while Noel said, "How dare you - we're not rapists." When Jimmy then asked why Noel was wearing a cape if he wasn't a rapist, Russell - who is facing a string of sexual assault claims from multiple women, which he denies - said, "There is no direct (link) between rapes and capes. It's just a rhyme."

Lily said she was seen laughing "along with" the rape jokes as she felt it was the done thing to along with such gags in 2007. She added, "In retrospect, that's really horrendous. It makes me uncomfortable but I don't think I felt that at the time, because it was the culture."

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