Donald Trump's Ex-Lawyer Fears Retaliation If He's Re-Elected as U.S. President
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The attorney who used to work for the MAGA leader will move to another country as the lawyer warns of the politician's 'revenge' if he returns to the Oval Office.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump's former lawyer plans to "leave the country" if he is re-elected as President of the United States. Michael Cohen has warned a potential re-election "could be a real problem" for the nation's democracy, and he has real fears about how things could pan out.

"This could be a real problem, not only again for us, but also for America's democracy and the future of this country… I will leave the country," he said on ITV's "Good Morning Britain".

Cohen added that he "fears for his safety" and life, and alleged that Trump will try to "exact revenge" on anyone he can. He continued, "I fear for my safety. I fear for my life. Again, you don't know Donald Trump. I do."

"Don't listen to my words. Listen to his words. He will exact revenge on anyone who has done him wrong. There's a lot of people on that list. It's not just me. It's judges, it's lawyers, it's citizens. It's prosecutors. It's Congress members. He will exact revenge on anyone and everyone that he's capable of."

Asked if he would consider seeking asylum in a forein country, he confirmed he "absolutely" would. Trump, 77, is facing charges of inflating his wealth on financial statements given to banks to secure loans, which he has denied.

Cohen claimed while he wants Trump to be "held accountable" for the allegations, he isn't sure if seeing the businessman turned politician behind bars is the right move for the US as a whole. He explained, "I want him held accountable, but I have great concerns that if in fact Donald Trump is locked up in an institution, that he would sell or give away national security secrets for a bag of tuna or a book of stamps."

"My bigger concern is the protection and safety of America. So let them put him under a very serious home confinement situation. But to put him into an institution, remember, for four years, he was briefed every single day on national security issues. I care more about America than I do seeing Donald Trump behind bars."

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