Damar Hamlin Realizes 'Life Is Precious' After Near-Fatal Cardiac Arrest

The Buffalo Bills player has become 'more of a positive person' and learned to 'appreciate the small things' after he almost lost his life because of a cardiac arrest.

AceShowbiz - Damar Hamlin has appreciated life more since his sudden cardiac arrest. The NFL player - who was resuscitated on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest during his team Buffalo Bills' game against the Cincinnati Bengals in January - has made his way back onto the pitch in recent weeks and explained that his medical emergency has given him a "more positive outlook" on things.

"Off the field, it's just kind of givin' me a perspective to appreciate life a little bit more and appreciate the small things, the things that are free in life - family, time, peace, happiness, any small things. It's kind of made me more of a positive person to just have more of a positive outlook on life because life is precious and nothing's promised for us," he told E! News.

However, the 25-year-old sports star went on to admit that it is a "different journey" in terms of his profession as he noted that he is just "super thankful" to be back doing what he loves. He said, "On the field, that's another journey within itself. Just getting back to doing what I love, which I'm super appreciative and thankful for."

Daman has now teamed up with healthcare company Abbott for its HeartMates initiative to help those affected by heart conditions and hopes that he will be able to inspire others suffering by getting back into the game.

He said, "Just to be able to have that blessing and be able to stand here as a pillar in this community, especially for HeartMates, it means a lot. I know so many patients will get so much encouragement and enthusiasm by seeing me do what I love still today."

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