Queen Elizabeth II's Sister Princess Margaret Had Secret Affair With Elizabeth Taylor's Ex
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Terry Richard, the Hollywood actor Eddie Fisher's fourth wife, reveals their torrid affair and their 'explosive' NSFW moment in her new memoir, 'Beauty Queen Dreams'.

AceShowbiz - Queen Elizabeth II's Princess Margaret apparently had an affair with Elizabeth Taylor's ex-husband and Hollywood star Eddie Fisher. Their torrid affair was exposed by Eddie's fourth wife Terry Richard in her new memoir, "Beauty Queen Dreams".

"Eddie never talked about Princess Margaret in public, he respected her too much, but he told me about their encounter many, many times during our marriage," Terry revealed to Daily Mail. She continued, "He looked back on it with great affection."

Margaret and Eddie allegedly first met in 1953 at the Red, White and Blue charity ball at the Dorchester Hotel in London. "Eddie was smitten with her the first time he saw her," Terry shared of the royal, who was 22 and was secretly engaged to divorcee Captain Peter Wooldridge Townsend at the time, and the 24-year-old actor.

"He told me she was tiny with the most beautiful piercing blue eyes. He sang for 45 minutes at the ball and directed all his love songs straight at Margaret. When Eddie turned on the charm, he really turned it on," Terry further divulged.

She continued, "You have to admire her. Her mother and her sister, the Queen, were at the event and she had the courage to whisper in Eddie's ear and proposition him for sex. Eddie told me she was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted, and on the night of the ball she wanted him."

Terry additionally revealed that Eddie, whom she called the "Harry Styles of his day," would recount the steamy rendezvous, calling it one of the most passionate and intense sexual encounters of his life. "He told me the sex was explosive. Margaret wasn't a virgin. She was uninhibited in bed. It went on for ages and they were both satisfied, multiple times. Eddie told me they 'fit perfectly,' and she cried out 'Eddie! Oh, Eddie!' over and over," Terry said. "He told Dr. Feelgood how great the sex had been, and the doctor told him he shouldn't expect the same results every time."

"Once they'd finished their whiskies, Iris, the lady-in-waiting, was called, and she led Eddie back down the stairs and out the way he'd come in. He remembered every detail for years afterwards. There was a chandelier above the bed, the room was decorated in various shades of pink. The pillows were silk," Terry added. Eddie also allegedly "said Margaret had the most perfect breasts of any woman he had ever slept with - and he slept with a lot of women, including Liz Taylor."

Margaret ended up marrying photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. The pair, who got divorce in 1978, had two children, David Armstrong-Jones and Sarah Chatto, together. The princess passed away in 2002 at the age of 71.

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