Kristin Davis Plagued With Guilt for Having 'Beautiful' Life

The 'Just Like That' actress feels guilty for having a wonderful life after witnessing people's sufferings overseas as she visited refugees from the war-torn country of Ukraine.

AceShowbiz - Kristin Davis is left "kind of guilty" about her "beautiful" home life. The 58-year-old actress becomes a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and recently visited Chisinau, in the Republic of Moldova amid Russian president Vladimir Putin's ongoing war against Ukraine to see the support being offered there to waves of displaced families and seeing the impact of the war first-hand has made her even more grateful for the life she leads in the US with her adopted children, Gemma, 12, and five-year-old Wilson.

"I certainly have a renewed commitment - I feel very personally involved. But I also feel kind of guilty when I come home to my beautiful house and my beautiful children. We're so lucky that we're not going through this. You have to be really thankful," she said to Britain's HELLO! magazine.

The war in Ukraine broke in February 2022, and the West were quick to economically and militarily support the country, whilst imposing harsh sanctions on Russia, but the "And Just Like That…" star is concerned how long the country will continue to receive foreign aid.

She said, "I'm looking at the news in a whole different way [now] and I'm worried about the U.S.'s support - will our support continue and the international support?"

During her trip to Chisinau, Kristin visited a community centre which supported vulnerable women and children and she hailed the facility as "inspiring." She told Hello! magazine, "I don't think I've ever been to a host community where they are accepting the refugees with such incredible warmth. It was so inspiring to see.

"You read about something in the news, but to actually meet the people and hear their incredibly vivid and horrible stories that forced them to leave. One woman, Anhelina, is 20 years old. She was telling us that her grandfather and father had to stay behind and fight, though they've never shot a gun."

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