Tinashe Reveals Her Passion for Cooking

The '2 On' hitmaker enjoys cooking so much that she would have launched a career as a professional chef if she failed to find success in the music industry.

AceShowbiz - Tinashe wanted to become a chef. The 30-year-old singer has opened up that she would've actually become a professional chef if her music career didn't take off. "My favourite show is 'MasterChef'. I love to cook! If I wasn't a singer, I would be a chef," she told Us Weekly.

Tinashe is particularly fond of cooking delicious Mexican dishes for herself and her friends. "My favourite things to cook are tacos. I used to throw massive Taco Tuesday parties and cook myself," the "2 On" hitmaker shared.

The singer also loves to eat out at Mexican restaurants. She said, "Pepe's Mexican is my favourite restaurant in Los Angeles - I always get the tacos!"

Despite this, Tinashe isn't a fan of condiments. The chart-topping star - who released her debut album, "Aquarius", back in 2014 - shared, "I hate condiments - no mustard, no mayo, just plain."

Meanwhile, Tinashe previously revealed that she also expresses herself through fashion. The singer loves being creative and adventurous with her style choices. She explained to Who What Wear, "In my everyday life, I'm pretty laid-back about style."

"But when I'm trying to express my art, I think that's where it comes to play for me. Whether that's on stage or in a music video, I use fashion as a way of storytelling expression, translating my art."

Tinashe's music has been widely praised by critics. But the singer insisted she doesn't need "external validation" in order to feel satisfied. She said, "I've learned that I just don't need external validation. It comes from within, at a core level."

Tinashe has also learned to follow her gut feelings over time. She shared, "The best thing that I can always do is follow my instincts and trust my gut because that will always lead me in the right direction. And when I'm not doing that, that is going to be detrimental to me in the long-term."

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