Jamie Lee Curtis Turns Her 'Very Dark Imagination' Into Graphic Novel

While teasing her new project, the 'Halloween' actress admits she is scared of climate change and used to wonder 'what would happen when Mother Nature fought back.'

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis reveals her "very dark imagination." The 64-year-old actress began her career in her late teens with her role in the slasher film "Halloween" but explained that around the same time, she had an idea for a script that would explore the climate crisis and believes that she has always been ahead of the curve even though the project never came into fruition.

"You know I invented Instagram! I wanted to know what would happen when Mother Nature fought back. It turns out I have a very dark imagination [but] it was very father knows best. Just look at the weather today," she told People.

The "Freaky Friday" star - who has been married to filmmaker Christopher Guest since 1984 - told illustrator Karl Stevens about her idea after buying a piece of his artwork for her husband but he suggested during the chat that she turns it into a graphic novel titled "Mother Nature" rather than a film script as she noted that she is "scared s***less" of climate change.

She added, "Karl said, 'That's a graphic novel,' And 'graphic' is how we would describe the violence against the universe that has been perpetrated by humans. It's graphic violence. And the graphic part of the book, by the way, is all mine."

"As it turns out, I have a very dark imagination, with a capital V and capital D. He really took the story in a different way, and reminded me that the story is called Mother Nature. And maybe it's time to acknowledge that mommy knows best. I'm not gonna say that I timed it well, but it will have followed the hottest days on record. Right now, with climate change, I'm scared s***less of climate change."

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