Lana Del Rey's Father Proud of Being Labeled as 'Nepo Daddy'

Rob Grant doesn't mind being known as a parent who rides on his daughter's popularity and quite likes the 'Nepo Daddy' label as it's a 'pretty catchy phrase.'

AceShowbiz - Lana Del Rey's dad likes being known as a Nepo Daddy. The 38-year-old pop star is the daughter of multi-millionaire Rob Grant, 69, and after fans on social media started to describe him as a "nepo daddy" - a parent who is thought to have given their child an advantage due to the nepotistic value of their own wealth - he explained how he has not only monetised the term but has even got Lana to embrace the idea as well.

"That Nepo Daddy thing started popping up in social media comments, and I saw it about five months ago. And right away, you know, being an old ad guy, I thought, 'Aha! That's a pretty catchy phrase. In fact, that could be quite a brand.' So I went out registered the domain name and immediately called the label," he told ETCanada.

"I said, 'We've got to do merch around this' and they followed through and now of course you can get crop tops, T-shirts. We're going to expand all of the merch to include Nepo Daddy and also Nepo Mommy. I was able to kind of assure her that, you know, it's a fun thing. And I embraced it… I love it… Every time we go into a venue and the fans are there. They're screaming 'Nepo Daddy.' "

Robert - who has worked as a restauranteur and also owned a boat building company as well as a furniture store throughout his career - has now turned to music himself with the release of his debut album "Lost at Sea" and explained that it was the 'Video Games' singer herself who encouraged him to pursue a new venture.

He said, "About two years ago, I [was] playing the piano in Lana's living room. She was upstairs and she heard this really lovely melody. She called down and she said, 'What is that?' And she came down and she said, 'Play it again.' And I did. And she began to sing right away."

"Her lyrics kind of come on the fly. She's very good at improvising. And then she asked me to create a bridge, which I did. And within, I'd say 35 minutes, we had written 'Sweet Carolina', and that was the final track on 'Blue Banisters' [Lana's 2021 studio album]."

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