Dan Aykroyd Scolding His Brother's Ghost for Not Going to Hospital Before His Death

The 'Ghostbusters' actor claims he saw his brother Peter Aykroyd's spirit after the latter died due to an untreated illness and admonished the ghost for not seeking help.

AceShowbiz - Dan Aykroyd quarrels with his brother's ghost. The afterlife-obsessed "Ghostbusters" actor, 71, was heartbroken when his younger sibling Peter Aykroyd died aged 65 in 2021 two weeks before his 66th birthday from sepsis caused by an untreated abdominal hernia, and Dan says he tells off his spirit for not going to hospital for treatment that would probably have saved his life.

"I say (to Peter's ghost), 'Will you just get into the ambulance?' He had an impacted bowel, but he was very anti-medicine and refused help and it ended up killing him," he told the Daily Mail.

Dan added the other spirits he regularly sees are grinning to remind him of better days, saying, "They're smiling, as they were in life. They're reminding me of the good times."

The comic still regularly performs as a Blues Brother with the late John Belushi's brother Jim Belushi, 69, and says he still feels his friend's presence when they play, 41 years after John's drug overdose death in 1982 aged 33.

Dan said, "We dedicate the show to John and I feel his spirit. I feel it when I go into House of Blues (Dan's music club franchise). Every time I go in I think about him and how much fun he's missed."

Dan also said about how ghost sightings are in his blood, "It has always been in my family. My great-grandfather was an Edwardian spiritualist. My dad wrote a book about the history of ghosts. I grew up with it."

Dan has been filming the follow-up movie to "Ghostbusters" sequel "Afterlife" in the UK, where he has indulged in his love of visiting haunted spots. He said, "I love working with the British crew, they're superb. The studios are state of the art and vie with anything we have in Hollywood."

"And I have an idea for a sequel I would set here in the UK. There are lots of ghosts and mythical creatures in Scotland. I put a thousand miles on the car driving up there and it was wonderful. I went to Skye, to the Glencoe valley, Edinburgh, Glasgow… I loved it."

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