Drug Dealer Warned Robert De Niro's Grandson He Could Die Before Selling Fake Oxycodone Pills
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A woman nicknamed 'the Percocet Princess', who has been arrested in connection to the death of Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, reportedly told the teen not to 'go overboard' after selling fentanyl-laced pills.

AceShowbiz - A woman selling drugs to Leandro De Niro Rodriguez reportedly issued chilling warnings to the teen before he died of suspected overdose. Sofia Haley Marks, who was recently arrested in connection to the death of Robert De Niro's grandson, told investigators that she told the teen he could die from taking the drugs she sold.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the woman, who is also known with her nickname "the Percocet Princess", sold fake oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl to Leandro though she knew the pills could kill. She reportedly had text exchanges with the 19-year-old just days before he died.

During one exchange, Sofia asked Leandro, "do you really need them? I don't wanna kill you." She continued, "I just don't like serving u them cuz they not script."

Eventually, the two struck a deal for 3 of the fake oxycodone pills and two tablets of Xanax for $105. After agreeing to the deal, Sofia allegedly texted Leandro, "don't go overboard with these."

The drugs were delivered by car to Leandro on Saturday, July 1 at around 9 P.M. The next day, around 1:50 A.M., Sofia texted the teen, "u good?" before he never responded.

Leandro was found dead in the Cipriani Club Residences on Wall Street on July 2. His death has been probed as a possible overdose after a white powdery substance and drug paraphernalia were found near the teenager's body.

On July 5, Leandro's mom and Robert's daughter Drena De Niro confirmed her son's cause of death. She revealed that her son took "fentanyl laced pills" in response to an Instagram user who asked how her Leandro passed away. She wrote in the comments section, "Someone sold him fentanyl laced pills that they knew were laced yet still sold them to him."

Seemingly fuming at a drug dealer who sold her son the pills knowingly they were laced with fentanyl, Drena added, "so for all these people still f**king around selling and buying this s**t, my son is gone forever."

On Thursday, July 13, the female drug dealer was arrested in New York City at around 6 P.M. in an undercover sting operation conducted by the NYPD, Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security. She has been federally charged with the distribution of narcotics. She was held without bail at Manhattan Federal Court on Friday morning.

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