Future Slammed Over Apparent Diss at Russell Wilson on Quavo's New Song 'Turn Yo Clic Up'
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The 'Move That Dope' rapper, who used to date Ciara and shares a son with her, is roasted online after he appears to throw shade at his ex-fiancee's NFL star husband.

AceShowbiz - Future is apparently still not feeling fine with Ciara moving on with Russell Wilson, almost a decade after their relationship was over. The rapper has been accused of throwing shade at his ex-fiancee's husband on Quavo's new song "Turn Yo Clic Up".

On his verse, the "Turn On the Lights" rhymer raps, "I got it out the field, f**k Russell," which many took as a shot at the NFL star. The song was released on Thursday night, July 13, but fans had noticed it beforehand when a snippet of the track made its round on the Internet earlier that day.

It didn't take long for Future to be called out by social media users for his apparent diss at Russell. "Proof that you can be famous, rich and have access to plenty of bad a** groupie chicks and still be unhappy concerning yourself with the fact that an unbothered married man is doing things you are emotionally incapable of. #YIKES," someone reacted to his lyrics.

Calling him "sassy," a second critic said, "This is sassy to keep taking shots at a man who doesn't even care that you exist." A third also blasted the Atlanta native, "Example of miserable and hurt. Men can't stand when women beat them at their own game."

"Future disrespect Russell Wilson for doing a job he supposed to be doing is WEIRD as f**k," someone weighed in. "How are you mad at that ma for raising your child while you're out in these streets creating more kids. If anything he should be thanking him for picking up his SLACK."

Agreeing, a fifth commenter said, "Now why would he diss the person that's taking care of HIS son ?" while another similarly noted, "Imagine disrespecting the man that's raising your son teaching him how to be a real man." Someone else added, "A n***a will treat a good woman bad as hell and be mad cus she moved on with a better one, mind you he 50."

Future and Ciara started dating in 2012 and became engaged in 2013. She ended their engagement in August 2014 due to his infidelity. They have a son together, Future Zahir, who was born in May 2014.

The singer/dancer later married Russell in 2016 after dating since 2015. Their first child, a daughter, was born on April 28, 2017, and their second child, a son, was born on July 23, 2020.

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