Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Squash Dolce and Gabbana Beef
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In the latest episode of 'The Kardashians', the sisters hash out the nasty feud which stems from Kim's collaboration with the fashion house shortly after Kourtney's Italian wedding.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have finally ended their Dolce & Gabbana feud. In the latest episode of "The Kardashians", the sisters hashed out the nasty feud once and for all after having a face-to-face conversation.

Kim began the talk by explaining how her and the fashion house's collaboration started. She said that it was initially a deal between SKIMS and Dolce & Gabbana, though they pivoted after Kim's brand couldn't get it together before the runway date. Instead, the high-end brand decided to do a show pulling from their archives and asked whether Kim wanted to serve as creative director.

The SKIMS founder said that she told the designers she didn't "want to do this because it's way too close to Kourtney's wedding. I want it to be completely different, I want it to be such a different thing." However, she ended up taking the collaboration and only informed Kourtney know about it after making the agreement.

"I remember on the call I was like, 'What are you calling me for? Are you asking for my blessing?' You weren't like, 'Hey, I'd love to know how you'd feel about this,' " Kourtney recalled. "You called after the deal was done to tell me and give me a heads up."

She continued, "I don't know. My usual personality because I don't really care like that, was to be like, oh my god, do it, take the money and run. But because it was my wedding, it really wasn't business for me, it was such a special day. I feel like it takes away from the specialness." Kourtney also claimed that she felt "awful" after Kim "used my wedding as a business opportunity" and "chose the money over me."

Kim later pointed out that their sister Kylie Jenner also did a D&G campaign around the same time. In response to that, Kourtney said that wasn't "cool" either. However, she added that Kylie's "just in Kylie's world or whatever."

Kim grew frustrated after Kourtney suggested that Kim copied the "La Dolce Vita" theme on her wedding to Travis Barker for the show. "I got married in Italy. Am I saying you copied me by getting married in Italy?" a frustrated Kim said in a confessional. "Who performed at my wedding? Andrea Bocelli. Who performed at Kourtney's wedding? Andrea Bocelli. You stole my f**king wedding country and my wedding performer. Andrea Bocelli is my favorite male singer of all time, but I'm copying her Dolce Vita lifestyle."

Later in the episode, Kourtney was "happy to move on to the next and be done with this s**t." As for Kim, she stressed that she'd never want to "intentionally hurt" anyone, telling Kourtney, "The last thing I wanna do is for you to think I'm coming for you."

The KKW beauty founder then insinuated that the "underlying weirdness" between them started after their "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fight in 2020. She also pointed out that Kourtney spending too much time with Travis didn't help make their relationship better.

In the end, Kim apologized to Kourtney. "It happened and we are where we're at. There's nothing else I can say, but I totally understand, I hear you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry my choices put us in this situation," Kim then told her. "I'm happy for the experience, but I'm sad and sorry that the experience hurt you. That's not what I would ever wanna do. I'm sad that me choosing to do this would hurt you or our relationship," she said.

Kourtney appreciated Kim for apologizing. A crew member off camera praised the siblings, saying that they were proud of how the pair were able to express themselves "really well."

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