Yung Joc Angrily Responds to Women Choosing $50 Amazon Gift Card Over Spending 30 Minutes With Him

The 'I Know You See It' rapper is visibly annoyed after seeing a video that shows some women picking the $50 Amazon card instead of meeting him.

AceShowbiz - Yung Joc was not too happy that some people chose a $50 Amazon gift card over spending 30 minutes with him. Annoyed by the disrespect, the "It's Goin' Down" rapper took to social media to offer his clapback.

On Monday, July 3, Instagram account 856_ent shared a video of a man asking some women to pick the option. The interviewees mostly picked the $50 Amazon card instead of meeting the emcee, with one saying, "Mhmm...not no Yung Joc."

"I don't want Yung Joc," another commented. "That n***a be wearing the swoops and the corny a** hairstyles. I'm alright."

The video didn't go unnoticed by Joc, who argued, "Y'all would have no choice 'cause I wouldn't f**k with not one of them in the first place." He then detailed, "1. I'm happily married 2. That s**t [blue cap emoji]."

"3. He never said have sex with me he just said 30 min with me and y'all would get at least $300 worth of food and shots if I did allow y'all in my immediate vicinity [three tears of joy emojis]," the musician continued. "4. I ain't never had a problem getting no woman lol 5. I would give y'all $100 Amazon gift card to stay the f**k over there."

Unlike Joc, Soulja Boy launched into a public rant after New Jersey fans chose food stamps over a dinner date with him. "All y'all n***as can die! Who got a problem wit' it, n***a?" he fumed during an Instagram Live in March.

"F**k you talmbout? Y'all n***as got me f**ked up, boy. Y'all b***h n***as better stop playing wit my name, n***a," he further raged. "I ain't never coming to y'all city, n***a. P***y a** n***as. Ya'll got me f**ked up, n***a."

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