Blair Underwood and Jason Hart Tie the Knot in 'Amazing' Wedding

The 58-year-old star and his long-time friend, who he says looks like a princess at the wedding, tie the knot at the Casa de Campo Resort and Villas in the Dominican Republic.

AceShowbiz - Blair Underwood has married Josie Hart. The 58-year-old star and his long-time friend tied the knot at the Casa de Campo Resort and Villas in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, June 24.

Reflecting on their wedding day, Blair told PEOPLE, "The first time I saw her in the dress, she looked like a princess. She was so beautiful. The deep emotions that were displayed during the ceremony, the lightness and fun of the reception, it all felt humbling because it all just fell into place. It was amazing."

Blair met Josie when he was still a teenager and they've been good friends for decades. He said, "My mother loved and adored her. We lived separate lives on separate coasts. We never saw each other a lot. But when we talked, there's always such a strong connection of just understanding each other."

The actor felt like tying the knot was a natural progression for the couple. He shared, "It just feels so right. I just feel like it is the next step in moving forward in my life, and doing it together in our lives together."

Blair appreciates the support of his friends and family. The actor also described their relationship as a "beautiful love story." He said, "For all of those who know us, and I'm talking about our nine kids, grandkids, former spouses. For everybody to be on-board and embrace and accept this union is nothing but God. To find love and discover love in someone who's been around in my life, in my family's life, and as I have been in hers, for so long in an honourable, platonic way. To find each other in this space when we're both single and looking to see how we'll spend the rest of our lives. It's a beautiful love story."

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