Rick Ross's $30K Donation Saves Healthcare Clinic From Closing

While promising to 'continue to help out as much as possible,' the 'Money in the Grave' spitter hands out the money check directly to Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic's executive director.

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross has saved a healthcare facility from closing. Upon learning that a Fayette County clinic was in danger of stopping its operation, the "Money in the Grave" rapper showed his generous nature by unhesitatingly giving away $30,000 in donation.

On Monday, June 19, the 47-year-old rapper arrived at Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic to give more than $30,000 check directly to the clinic's executive director, Geneva Weaver. According to TMZ, the artist heard that the clinic is in danger of closing due to the lack of funds from his lawyer Steve Sadow.

During his visit, Rick spoke to local media WSB-TV about the reason why he donated. "A clinic like this means a lot to me. I lost my father at an early age and I felt like one of the reasons I lost them so early was because of his lack of Health Care," he stated.

Rick further expressed his commitment to continue assisting the healthcare facility. He added, "This is just the start and I look forward to continue to help out as much as possible. I consider you family friends and of course neighbors so."

In response to Rick's generosity, Geneva told the rapper, "Thank you very much for your donation of the $30,179." She went on to say, "The patients that come to this clinic, all of them, their income level is 200% below the national poverty level."

Geneva additionally revealed that most of the funding for the clinic was obtained from fundraising, grants and donations. Rick's donation was apparently the largest amount of money the clinic has ever received from an individual donation.

This was not the first time Rick showed his kindness to others. He previously offered Don Lemon a new job after the news anchor was fired from CNN. "I just found out Don Lemon was terminated from CNN. Damn, Don. But guess what? A brother's got your back! We're hiring at WingStop," he said on his Instagram Story on Monday, April 14.

The "Gold Roses" rapper went on to say, "And for some reason, I believe you know what you're doing with them LEMON pepper wings. So, man just send over your resume. 17 years, damn. But, I'm gonna make sure I get you in front of the right grill, brother. Stay solid, brother."

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