Cam'ron Blasts Kim Kardashian for Trolling Kendall Jenner With NBA Boyfriends Shirt
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During his appearance in a new episode of the New Yorker's 'It Is What It Is' podcast, the rapper criticizes the reality TV star for wearing a T-shirt featuring her supermodel sister and her NBA boyfriends.

AceShowbiz - Cam'ron dissed Kim Kardashian over one of the reality TV star's recent outfits. During his appearance in a new episode of the New Yorker's "It Is What It Is" podcast, Cam'ron criticized Kim for wearing a T-shirt featuring her sister Kendall Jenner and her NBA boyfriends.

"I think the b***h got a lot of f**king audacity," Cam'ron said of "The Kardashians" star, "B***h you started off f**king Ray J." Killa Cam added, "Why do people ignore that and now you want to taunt your sister like she got mad n***as. She got it from you."

The rapper later said, "Your starting 5 consists of athletes and entertainers," speculating who would appear on Kendall's shirt if the roles were reversed. "First of all, we got the head coach Ray J, then we got Reggie Bush. Then she married that basketball player that wasn't s**t and found out he wasn't s**t and curved that n***a."

"Then she started messing with another athlete then she got with [Kanye West] and had kids then got into an argument with Kanye and then rushed to go f**k Pete Davidson. Your line up is wild too you got a lot of nerve man," he added.

Kim donned the T-shirt in a TikTok video with her eldest daughter North West. Shared earlier this month, the clip saw the 42-year-old reality TV star helping style North's hair while the 9-year-old girl mouthed to the lyrics of Santana's "Maria Maria".

More interestingly, the mom of four appeared to troll Kendall in the clip as she rocked a black T-shirt featuring a meme poking fun at the model's ex-boyfriends. The tee read, "Kendall Starting Five." It also featured Kendall being surrounded by Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma and Devin Booker.

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