Justin Bieber's Dad Jeremy Insists He's Not a 'Bigot' Amid Continued Backlash Over Homophobic Meme

The 48-year-old, who is still facing criticism for offering a 'poor' apology after sharing an offensive post regarding the LGBTQIA+ community, admits that he might be 'insensitive' but he's not a 'bigot.'

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber's father tried to clarify his comments about the LGBTQIA+ community. Having faced backlash for sharing a homophobic meme and offering a "poor" apology, Jeremy admitted that he might be "insensitive" but he's not a "bigot."

On Friday morning, June 9, the 48-year-old wrote, "Well I didn't expect to be thrown into this political arena, but I'm being forced in. Insensitive perhaps but a bigot I am not! #buckleup #truths." He, however, has deleted the post.

Jeremy also explained that his earlier tweet about celebrating families was merely "to acknowledge families, that's it." He then told haters, "And before you say I abandoned my son, move on! that's an old narrative pushed! its [sic] ridiculous and didn't happen... Now my delivery may have been poor but it was not to be hateful or homophobic."

Jeremy went on to note that he adores his gay brother. "Love whomever you want that's your business not 'mine' my problem is the hostile takeover of our cities and schools by LGBTQ this is the concern of many," he elaborated. "There is a place for everyone, and everyone's opinion! That does not equal hate!"

Jeremy came under fire earlier this month for posting a meme featuring a rainbow flag. Alongside the since-deleted post, he sarcastically wrote, "Don't forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence."

Taking issues with Jeremy's tweet, one person slammed him by writing, "No one's thanking flop nepo daddies bye." Another added, "You should sit back down real quick." A third penned, "don't forget to thank your son cause he's the reason your electricity hasn't been shut off yet!"

Catching wind of the heat, Jeremy issued a public apology to those who were "offended" by his post. "Acknowledging the nuclear family is offensive? My apologies to those offended. Was not my intent," he tweetd on Wednesday. "Not that my opinion matters."

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