Eric Andre Advises People to 'Stay Fat' After Unveiling Stunning Weight Loss
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When talking about his weight loss journey, the 'Man Seeking Woman' actor reveals that his formula threw together complex combination of food, sleep and exercise.

AceShowbiz - Eric Andre offered shocking advice after unveiling his stunning weight loss. When sharing his journey in eating clean after losing 40 pounds in the last season of "The Eric Andre Show", the comedian known for his portrayal of Mike on "Man Seeking Woman" advised people to "stay fat."

Speaking to GQ magazine, the 40-year-old stated, "I say stay fat. If you're fat or chubby, stay that way. I felt great…but it wasn't worth cutting out French fries." On the reason why, he admitted that while he found it nice that he fitted into all his old jeans and shorts, he remembered feeling "f**king hungry" and "being irritated."

Making a point out of his advice, Eric argued in the article published on Thursday, June 8, "There is a reason skinny people are b***hes and fat people are jolly. Fat people are happy - sumo wrestlers, Santa Claus." He further stressed, "Skinny people have f**king attitudes because they're f**king starving."

When asked to break down his training formula for weight loss, he dished, "The most important thing is food. Food is 90 percent of it, then sleep, and then the gym." He added, "I would wake up, eat my little s**tty pre-made meal, and work out for about an hour and a half with my trainer. I would drink a gallon of water a day."

"Then I would try and do abs in the middle of the day. I would just do a 15-minute ab set - maybe 10 minutes," he continued. "At night, I would do low-intensity cardio. I would do an hour of walking because of the yellow fat on your - the cottage cheese-looking fat, not the white fat. The white fat is easy to lose but the yellow fat is the hardest thing to lose."

"With fat, you have to think of it as burning a candle, or low-heat oil. You need low-intensity cardio like walking to burn it. I learned all of this through training for the show, I'm not an expert," he spilled. "I also tried to get sun because it helps with testosterone growth, it has vitamins, and it sets your circadian rhythm. It's basically all the things we would do 10,000 years ago before the Ice Age."

"Our bodies are not meant for a technological society. We sit too much, don't get enough sunlight, and are in cold climates," he went on to share. "We belong closer to the equator and should be walking, hunting, and gathering, and eating plants and animals. That's what our bodies are designed for - but I like hot Cheetos, rum, cognac, and playing video games."

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