Halle Bailey Yelling and Swearing in DDG's New YouTube Vlog Leaves Fans in Shock
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Fans find it inappropriate that the 'Little Mermaid' star is behaving that way in the video following her role in the new Disney movie, as others blame her boyfriend for sharing the footage.

AceShowbiz - Halle Bailey isn't as innocent as her character in "The Little Mermaid (2023)". While many people, particularly children, have become her fans following her appearance in the Disney movie, the singer/actress did not hold back from showing her true self in a new YouTube video posted on DDG's channel.

In the clip, the 23-year-old was yelling and cursing as she appeared to be playing a game with her boyfriend and other friends. "Y'all are stupid," she said to her friends, expressing her frustration.

"This n***a get y'all every motherf**king time!" Halle said as she pointed at her boyfriend. Her tone became increasingly loud with every word, and her man could not help but laugh as she pushed her finger toward his face. "Y'all are stupid!" she stressed.

Halle's boldness in the video has left many social media users in shock, with one suggesting, "Aht aht TAKE IT DOWN FROM YOUTUBE. . We know sis be in her bag BIG HALLE .... But we don't want sis REAL FORM on the net.. she's DISNEY PRINCESS . I hope DDG didn't post this."

"Why would he post this private moment video? She's currently in a whole Disney movie," another baffled person reacted. A third simply told DDG to "delete" the video, as another also blamed DDG for sharing the footage. "I hope she sees this for what it is. He don't care about her, this a clout move on his part," the fourth person wrote.

Another noticed how problematic the video could be, claiming, "Her PR team is about to be pissed but I like seeing this side of her idc maybe not on the internet right now but I like seeing her true authentic self."

Someone else suggested, "Halle, keep personal moments private. We need you!! We want you!! Disney and those children's brands give very little room for people to be adults, publicly. See Raven-Symone for the handbook on how to be a Disney adult!!! Said with so much love."

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