Drew Barrymore Thinks She Needs Drugs to Open Herself Up to Relationship Again

The 'Drew Barrymore Show' host says she needs 'an MDMA treatment' to find the strength to look for love again as she's 'tired and exhausted' of failed romance and its drama.

AceShowbiz - Drew Barrymore feels like she needs hallucinogenics or "an MDMA treatment" to figure out why she doesn't want a relationship. The 48-year-old actress is rarely in a relationship after splitting from Will Kopelman - the father of her daughters Olive, 10, and nine-year-old Frankie - in 2016 and she thinks she has buried "some serious s***" that has made her block out the idea of finding love again.

"I was such a love junkie. I was almost never not single. I spent a lot of my life loving romance and drama and all of that. I just burnt myself out on it. I genuinely am tired and exhausted," she told New York magazine.

"I'm curious to examine why I'm not open to a relationship. I really think I have some serious s**t buried. And I don't know if it's like I need to try an MDMA treatment or psilocybin as a way to get to some state where I could see things in a different way."

Before her marriage to Will, Drew was briefly wed to bar owner Jeremy Thomas and comedian Tom Green but she realise some time later none of her relationships had been very serious. She said, "In my early 30s, I realised I didn't have any relationships that could have gone to the next level, a.k.a. marriage and kids."

The "Whip It" actress moved to New York to be closer to Will's family when they got married and she admitted their divorce was a new low for her. She reflected, "I think that's why I took the marriage so hard. Because I was the best I could have ever been."

Drew - who went to rehab when she was just 13 - hit the bottle to numb the pain of her marriage breakdown and was dumped by her therapist because she was "stuck in an endless rut."

However, the outlet noted she declined to give the details because she is "proud" there has been "no public scandal" around the end of their marriage, and she quit drinking for two years, prompting her therapist to take her back.

And the talk show host is relieved she was able to rebuild her life before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She said, "Then the pandemic happened, and I was like, Thank God I got my s*** together."

"Because I am the strongest I've ever been. Then we were building the show, and it was hard, challenging, scary, emotional, exhausting, and overwhelming, but I could handle it. Which was so great because the divorce convinced me I couldn't handle things."

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