Sydney Sweeney Worried Being 'Very Open' Would Be Detrimental to Her Career

Discussing about how she deals with fame, the 'Euphoria' actress explains she wants to as authentic as possible to her fans but she's worried it would backfire.

AceShowbiz - Sydney Sweeney is still learning to deal with fame. The 25-year-old actress has achieved a meteoric rise over recent years, but Sydney has revealed that she still doesn't feel famous.

"I think I'm still navigating it on a daily basis because I want to be as authentic and genuinely open to the public and my fans as possible. And I think I am. I talk a lot, I'm very open and it'll probably be to my detriment, but I don't know how people can hide behind an image," the blonde beauty told ES Magazine.

"At the same time, I don't owe people answers. I'm a very private person when it comes to my family and relationships. I want people to know who I am as an individual but also, I feel that I should still be allowed to have my own peace and private life as well. It's a weird balance, I'm definitely still figuring it out."

The "Euphoria" star admits that she still has a lot to learn about life in the public eye. She said, "I'm still growing. I'm still a 25-year-old girl who's growing up under the lens of the public. And I'm still trying to figure out so much."

Last month, Sydney claimed that she's "pretty relatable to a lot of people." "The White Lotus" actress explained that she's not a typical Hollywood star. She told Little White Lies magazine, "I'm a real person. I think I'm pretty relatable to a lot of people; I grew up in a smaller town, pretty normal childhood, so I don't always feel so Hollywood, you know?"

"Making an image of yourself, being a different person for the public, I think that would get lonely. You gotta live your own life and not worry what others think of you. I've always felt that my duty is to my characters, and to my work."

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