Zoe Saldana Goes Topless to Give First Look at Tattoo in Honor of Her Husband
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Six years after revealing that she has a tattoo of her husband's face on her left rib cage, the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actress treats her followers to a video showing a glimpse of the tattoo.

AceShowbiz - Zoe Saldana has gone topless to publicly declare love for her hubby. Six years after revealing that she has a tattoo of her husband's face on her body, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actress finally showed off the ink for the first time.

On Friday, June 2, the 44-year-old let out a video of herself standing in front of a mirror. The footage documented a tattoo of her husband Marco Perego's face over her rib cage. In the clip, she could be seen wearing nothing but a pair of long blue jeans. She placed her hands to strategically cover her bosom.

The video seemed to be recorded when "The Adam Project" star was on a movie set. Over the clip, she put a slew of stickers that read, "Tattoo time," "Coverage," and "#selfie." Along with the video, she added a hashtag in the caption that read, "#worklife."

Back in January 2017, Zoe revealed that she had her partner's face inked on her left rib cage. At that time, she explained to Entertainment Tonight why she decided to get the tattoo. "He has a tattoo of my face on his arm. So it was only fair that I return the gesture," she stated.

"And I always wanted to," the "Avatar: The Way of Water" star added. "In fact, I was the one who was going to do it in the first place." She went on to recall, "But we get our tattoos with an amazing artist called Mark Mahoney."

"Every time we go for me, Marco would end up convincing me that I didn't have to get it so that he can get a new tattoo," she continued. "This time I'm like I've been waiting for years and you're not going to shelf me and I'm going to get it. It's my turn. I got it."

In the interview, Zoe further discussed the image of Marco she chose for the tattoo. "I remember when I first started dating Marco and I went online because I know he was an artist," she recounted. "So I looked him up and a picture came up. I thought it was a nice profile of his so that was the picture I wanted to have."

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