Lil Durk Surprises Homeless Fan With Phone and Cash After for Supporting 'All My Life'

After a TikTok video showing a fan of him watching his music video from a sidewalk tent went viral, the 'Broadway Girls' rapper showers the supportive devotee with gifts.

AceShowbiz - Lil Durk has shown his support to a homeless fan. After a TikTok video of the homeless man watching his "All My Life" music video from a sidewalk tent went viral, the "Laugh Now Cry Later" emcee surprised his supportive fan by showering him with phone and cash among others.

On Wednesday, May 31, the 30-year-old live streamed himself via his Instagram account when he visited his devotee who lived in a sidewalk tent. At that time, he informed the dedicated devotee that he would be treating him to a room in a hotel for 30 days in addition to other things, including gift cards.

In the livestream, Durk was in his car when he told the live stream viewers, "I want to do something real special. I got kindness in my heart, right? So the homeless guy that was playing 'All My Life' in the tent, I found him and I'ma pull up on him." He went on to say, "I got him a hotel room for him. You never know what people are going through. I'm finna walk up to him, let's get it."

The "Broadway Girls" rapper then got out of his car and greeted the fan. He further asked the fan, "You know you were playing the video on the screen, 'All My Life'. You know that's me featuring J. Cole?" He continued, "So look, I got you a room for 30 days, I'ma give you a couple dollars, I'ma give you gift cards and I'ma give you phone for showing support."

In response to Durk's generosity, his admirer said, "Thank you… Thank you so much. 'Preciate you." After learning that the man was comfortable with being "seen" in the livestream, Durk then aimed the camera at the fan to show his followers. After receiving a question from Durk about his name, the fan replied, "Pedro."

Durk did not forget to express his appreciation for Pedro directly. He humbly said, "Pedro, I appreciate you so much, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, to come do this for you." In response, Pedro replied, "I appreciate it, I love it. That's actually helpful a lot."

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