Sydney Sweeney Insists She's Not a Typical Hollywood Star
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When explaining why she's not like other stars in Hollywood, the 'Euphoria' actress claims she's 'a real person' and is 'pretty relatable to a lot of people.'

AceShowbiz - Sydney Sweeney believes she's "pretty relatable to a lot of people." The 25-year-old actress is happy to share her life with her fans on social media, and Sydney admits that she's not a typical Hollywood star.

The blonde beauty told Little White Lies magazine, "I'm a real person. I think I'm pretty relatable to a lot of people; I grew up in a smaller town, pretty normal childhood, so I don't always feel so Hollywood, you know? Making an image of yourself, being a different person for the public, I think that would get lonely. You gotta live your own life and not worry what others think of you. I've always felt that my duty is to my characters, and to my work."

Sydney believes that social media has changed how the public view movie stars. The actress explained, "I don't know if that construct of a movie star is possible anymore. There used to be more mystery behind all of it. You have so much access to your favorite stars or celebrities, and the whole concept is different because of it. Hollywood's different than what it used to be; I don't think that has to be a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just that the world is changing."

Meanwhile, Sydney recently revealed that she feels "excited" to shoot season three of "Euphoria". The actress stars as Cassie Howard in the HBO teen drama, and Sydney can't wait to reprise the role for season three of the show.

She told Variety, "I just hope that I get to continue to challenge myself as an actor and get to go to crazy places through her, because she’s such a crazy, dramatically heightened character and it's fun to play her. Whatever Sam [Levinson, the show's writer] decides he wants to do with her, I fully entrust in Sam's vision. I'm excited."

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