Raz-B's Brother Insists the B2K Singer Is 'Not Crazy' After Alarming Video, Asks for Prayers

In a video posted on Instagram, Ricky Romance explains that the singer/actor 'just didn't feel safe with the anesthesia or whatever medicine they wanna give him' as he was scheduled to have a surgery.

AceShowbiz - Raz-B's brother has addressed his recent alarming behavior which was captured in a video by onlookers. Taking to his Instagram account, Ricardo Thornton a.k.a. Ricky Romance insisted that his brother is "not crazy" and asked people to stop making false narratives about the situation.

Ricky explained in a video that "for whatever reason," the B2K singer "just didn't feel safe with the anesthesia or whatever medicine they wanna give him" as he was scheduled to have a surgery. Showing his full support for his brother, Ricky pleaded with fans, "Don't believe everything that you see. Don't believe everything that you hear. This is the Internet."

"My brother does not have his phone. He hasn't had his phone. I don't want anybody to make false narratives about …," he clarified. "My brother is not crazy, he's a genius. He just misunderstood," Ricky claimed.

"Just keep the prayers going. That's what really works," he asked. Ricky promised to talk more in detail when the time is right, before stressing, "But for now, I want my brother to get well."

In the caption, Ricky said that his mother is working with hospital staff to make sure Raz feels safe as he goes for surgery. "A lot of people already making false narratives and they don't even know what's going on," he wrote.

He continued, "But anybody that wants to know my mother is working along with a team of professionals to make sure that my brother feels safe, during his medical surgery. My brother Raz does not have his phone it has come up missing. At this point, I ask that you pray for my brother. No Assumptions Please …..Love Ricky."

Raz raised concerns after he was seen breaking a window at a hospital in Kansas City and climbing onto the building's roof on Thursday morning, May 25. Police were called to Saint Luke's Hospital at 10:20 A.M. and the fire department responded to the scene too.

There was concern Raz might jump off the ledge, so they placed mats down below as precaution. A negotiator got involved and Raz eventually came back through the window. He was then treated by medical staff.

It's not clear why Raz went onto the roof, but it happened after he posted a video in which he repeatedly said that he didn't "feel safe." In the clip uploaded to his Instagram page on Wednesday, he claimed he was at a hotel in Kansas City.

Fearing for his safety, he stated, "I'm not going to sleep," before insisting, "I'm not having a mental breakdown." In the caption, he wrote along with the address of his supposed location, "My brother is full of s**t !!! I've been fighting to stay alive ,I don't wanna have this surgery here …"

Raz was reportedly placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold by Kansas City police after the alarming behavior.

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