Britney Spears' Sons Want to Move to Hawaii With Dad Kevin Federline Amid Estrangement Rumors
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Britney's ex Federline has reportedly 'fired off a letter' via his lawyer to the 'Hold It Against Me' songstress asking for her approval for him to take their sons Jayden James and Sean Preston to Hawaii.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears' sons are seemingly keen on putting more physical distance between them and their famous mom. Jayden James and Sean Preston reportedly want to move to Hawaii with their dad Kevin Federline.

As per TMZ's report, Britney's ex Kevin has fired off a letter via his lawyer Mathew Rosengart to her attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. As to what the letter pertains to, sources say the former dancer asks if she would be open to letting their sons relocate to Hawaii full-time with him and his wife Victoria Prince.

Britney's response is expected by week's end. If she objects, Kevin's attorney will go to court and ask permission from the judge. And given that the pop star reportedly hasn't seen her kids in more than a year and the kids want to leave town, it's likely the judge will allow the move.

However, it's also noted that it's unlikely the case will end up in court because the "Lucky" singer is expected to given her consent to the move.

As for the reason of their move, it's said that Victoria has a job offer at a university in Hawaii, Kevin has DJ opportunities there and the kids are eager to make the move. They reportedly plan to leave Los Angeles for Hawaii sometime in July.

Sean, 17, will have graduated high school by the time they move and his future plans are still unclear. Meanwhile, 16-year-old Jayden will continue taking classes remotely.

Britney's estrangement from her kids was brought to public by her sons themselves back in 2022. In an interview with Daily Mail, Jayden criticized her parenting skills. "I think Mom has struggled giving us both attention and showing us equal love; I don't think she showed enough to Preston, and I feel really bad for that," he told the outlet in September.

Recently, it's claimed that Britney has not seen them since their public spat and the boys have stopped responding to her texts. "By the end of the summer [2022], tensions got so bad that the boys weren't even responding to her texts. And she was furious," "TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom" producer Katie Hayes said in the new TV special.

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