GloRilla 'Embarrassed' After Old Picture of Her Holding Gun Surfaces Amid Ja Morant Suspension

Meanwhile, former NBA player Kwame Brown blasts 'dumbest MF' Morant and compares the Grizzlies point guard to NBA YoungBoy following his second gun incident.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla is not that proud of her old self. The Memphis rapper, who rose to prominence after releasing her 2022 song "F.N.F. (Let's Go)", has admitted that she's "embarrassed" after an old picture of her holding a gun surfaced online amid Ja Morant suspension.

On social media, a Twitter user used GloRilla's old picture as a meme to mock Morant over his second gun incident. The picture featured young GloRilla smiling while holding a censored big gun.

"Ja morant every month," the Twitter user captioned the snap. Catching wind of the meme, the Grammy-nominated artist responded, "I was a menace in high school." She went on adding, "I'm so embarrassed."

Meanwhile, Morant has been blasted by former NBA player Kwame Brown following his second gun incident. "So Ja Morant, you like to play with guns, huh boy?" the 41-year-old asked in a nine-minute video posted to his YouTube page on Sunday, May 14. "So instead of you just being in your house buying all the guns you want, playing with all the guns you want off camera, you want to get in trouble for having a gun at a club, give a bulls**t apology, and then show a gun on Instagram Live."

Comparing the Memphis Grizzlies player to rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Brown continued, "I've heard of NBA YoungBoy, but you NBA DumbBoy because you got to be the dumbest motherf**ker in the league. You got $231 million promised to you and you wanna be a f**kin' thug?" He went on noting, "Yeah, it's okay for you to have a gun. You have a right, a 2nd Amendment right to have a gun, but what the f**k do you keep pulling it out menacing for?"

Many critics of Morant have pointed to the music he listens to, namely that of YoungBoy, as an influence on his recent behavior. Brown echoed those sentiments as saying, "What is up with all this music you keep listening to? Is this music putting you in a trance, dumb a** boy? 'Cause this music is about to cost you your f**king career. You gon' be bouncing around with n***as all day long, just listenin' to music in the backyard of a goddamn shack if you keep on being a jacka**."

The retired basketball player also slammed Morant's friend who filmed him in the viral video. "You're an NBA dumb boy and your friends ain't your goddamn friends. I've done dumb s**t before. You know when I notice a real friend? A real friend, they're gonna tell you when you're wrong and they ain't gonna argue with you but they just not gonna participate and go with you in the bulls**t," he claimed. "See, a real friend don't keep telling a man what's right and what's wrong. You just tell him and you let them make their own decision."

Brown further stressed, "I wouldn't be a friend in the car next with you recording you doing something stupid. That n***a that got that cellphone and knew you got a gun and you were dumb enough to pull it out on camera, he should've never been recording your dumba** 'cause you're an NBA dumb boy. Thank god you can shoot a goddamn basketball and you can jump, because that's about all you can do. Your brain is f**ked up."

Morant has been suspended by the Memphis Grizzlies again after he flashed a gun on Instagram Live over the weekend. In the video, he was seen brandishing his firearm while in a car with his friend Davonte Pack.

"We are aware of the social media video involving Ja Morant," the Grizzlies said in a statement on Sunday. "He is suspended from all team activities pending League review. We have no further comment at this time."

It's his second suspension in two months over a similar incident. Back in March, he was suspended after he livestreamed himself on Instagram holding a gun at a nightclub in Glendale, Colorado. While he was not charged with a crime following police's investigation, he agreed to enter a counseling program in Florida.

After being suspended for eight games without pay, Morant returned to play with his team on March 22. He thanked fans for their support, saying after the game, "Obviously, I'm thankful and grateful for everybody who's been supporting me during this time." He added, "It definitely helped me a lot, definitely made me feel a little better. Eased everything that was going on. Felt good to be back. Super excited. Glad we was able to get the win."

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