Babyface Apologizes After Being Asked to Pull Out of Anita Baker's Newark Show
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The 'Two Occasions' singer makes use of his Instagram account to explain why he doesn't perform at the RnB songstress' show at Prudential Center in Newark.

AceShowbiz - Babyface issues an apology for leaving his fans disappointed. The singer took to his Instagram account to explain why he didn't perform at Anita Baker's show at Prudential Center in Newark on Wednesday, May 10.

"I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to hit the stage this evening at @PruCenter," Babyface wrote on the photo-sharing app. As for why he couldn't perform that night, the "Two Occasions" singer revealed, "I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker her space and time to perform her show in its entirety."

The star, who is born Kenneth Brian Edmonds, added, "My band and I are extremely saddened we didn't get to perform for y'all tonight."

In response to Babyface's statement, fans immediately slammed Anita. "Babyface and Anita Baker in concert is huge. Did Anita tell Babyface, no you can't come and perform? Disappointing," one fan commented. "I don't like Babyface being treated like this. Love her music. She's great in concert. But too many stories like this," someone else added.

"He shouldn't have apologised. Ms Baker been problematic for too long," another fan said. "She had the same issues with Luther now we know she was definitely the problem. A few r&b aunties don't like her too much either," one other noted. Similarly, a person penned, "Not for nothing but, Anita has always been like that krazy!!!! Smh I wonder if he will even consider still preforming with her," while a user dubbed the "Caught Up in the Rapture" songtress "Petty Baker".

Meanwhile, Anita has yet to comment on Babyface's claims and the backlash.

Anita and Babyface announced their tour in November 2022. They kicked off the tour in Hollywood, Florida on February 11, 2023 and are set to wrap it up in Oakland, California on December 23.

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