Kaley Cuoco Admits Becoming Mom Never Crossed Her Mind Before Being Pregnant With Baby Matilda

Before giving birth to her first child with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, the 'Big Bang Theory' actress never thought she would become a mother and enjoy it so much.

AceShowbiz - Kaley Cuoco didn't think she would become a mom. The 37-year-old actress delivered her daughter Matilda in March, and Kaley admits that motherhood has changed her attitude towards the charity and philanthropy work she does.

"You know, I never thought I would be a mom," Kaley - who recently attended a fundraiser in Malibu for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, which funds research into the life-threatening skin disease - told Entertainment Tonight.

"So I see these kids out there and I just can't imagine if my kid was hurting all the time, you know? I felt this way before but obviously, you don't know until you have one. So totally take it for granted so there's not another that gets afflicted by this. We just have to do something."

Kaley's outlook has been transformed by her experience of motherhood. The blonde beauty - who has Matilda with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey - explained, "I guess having a baby, when that happens and they're healthy, you do take it for granted because you're like, oh my gosh, I can't imagine something being wrong with her. So my eyes are much more open than they were before and they were wide open before. It's a very good thing."

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Kaley insisted that she's determined to approach motherhood in her own way. The actress - who is best known for playing Penny on "The Big Bang Theory" - told Entertainment Tonight, "Still haven't read a damn thing. We find ourselves in a very natural situation. We're just kind of going with the flow. She really tells us what she wants, it's very clear, it's like one of three things."

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