Doja Cat Unveils Huge 'Demonic' New Back Tattoo in Topless Pictures
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The 'Kiss Me More' songstress shares photos of her removing her shirt to unveil the bat skeleton tattoo while also providing an explanation for what the image symbolizes.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat has caused a stir online yet again with her new tattoo. Adding another to her tattoo collection, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter has just unveiled a fresh ink of bat skeleton sprawled across her back.

Making use of her Instagram page, the raptress posted several topless images to show off the huge new tattoo that some people have deemed "demonic." In some of the photos, she removed her black top to take a picture of her reflection in the mirror.

" 'Don't explain yourself' is so corny," she initially captioned the pictures, before changing it simply into a bat emoji. The post indeed included an explanation regarding bat that mentions its echo-location ability among other things.

According to the quote, "To the Indian tribes of the northwestern United States, bats are symbols of diligence; while in the Great Plains, they imparted wisdom on their people. In the southwest and Mexico, they are representative of death and rebirth, because they go underground in the early morning, and then appear again each night in a noisy hoard."

The highlighted part, which Doja seemingly cited as the reason why she got the tattoo, read, "Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old, and bringing in the new. They are symbols of transition, of initiation, and the start of a new beginning."

Despite the explanation, many still linked Doja's "demonic" new tattoo to rumors that she sold her soul to demon. "Isssaa Demon bby just tell them ppl the truth," one person commented on a repost of Doja's images as she turned off the comments on her Instagram page.

"She can hide the imagery behind jokes and shock value but symbols have meaning...," another weighed in. A third claimed, "Too many demonic red flags with this lady a cat, a bat, a goat, a cow... lol I'm sick of her at this point."

A few, however, think that the naysayers were reading too much between the lines. "Y'all always acting like somebody sold their soul to the devil. Grow tf up," someone defended Doja. Another said, "I told her to stop explaining and just start claiming what it is. If your a cop stop telling people your a security officer to avoid that attention. We see you."

Less than a month ago, Doja got a tattoo of a human-animal hybrid on her left forearm. According to a quote shared by the "Say So" songstress, the ink is based on a Giovanni Battista Bissoni illustration from Italian philosopher Fortunio Liceti's 1634 book "De Monstruorum Causis, Natura et Differentiis (On the Reasons, Nature, and Differences of Monsters)".

Doja accompanied the quote with a caption that read, "your fear is not my problem." She later lashed out at people criticizing her then-new tattoo, which was also dubbed "demonic."

"F**k you and f**k what you believe b***h," she wrote on her Stories. "and I f**ked your mom b***h." Further taunting her haters, the 27-year-old said, "satan said thanks for all the buzz," before concluding with, "goodnight p***y."

Over on Twitter, the "Kiss Me More" hitmaker also clapped back at the haters. "if ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like i love that u ate fr," she tweeted. When an offended user wrote, "stop disrespecting my religion," the hip-hop star wrote back, "u ate sus."

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