Jane Fonda Wishes She'd 'Noticed Red Flags' in Her Past Relationships

While discussing her own love life, the 'Barbarella' actress encourages fans to 'force' themselves 'to notice if there are any red flags' in their relationships.

AceShowbiz - Jane Fonda has got important lessons from her past relationships. Currently single, the 85-year-old actress remains very grateful for her past relationships and the lessons they've taught her.

"My life would be very different if I'd noticed red flags," Jane told PEOPLE.

The Hollywood star was previously married to French filmmaker Roger Vadim, political activist Tom Hayden, and media mogul Ted Turner. Jane feels she's learned some important life lessons through her romances.

The actress explained, "You have to understand nobody is perfect. And you have to decide, 'can I live with this? Can we work with each other on this or is this a deal-breaker?' Force yourself to notice if there are any red flags. What kind of a relationship do they have with their mother? 'Is alcohol a problem? Is gambling a problem?' "

Meanwhile, Jane previously revealed that she hopes to become an "example" for young people. The movie star urged young people to embrace, and not fear, getting older. She told PEOPLE in 2022, "I've lived a good life. I've lived a productive and intentional life."

"And I knew I couldn't make it any longer than it was going to be, but I could make it wider and deeper. And I've done that. I feel like I'm doing that. I hope that I can be an example to young people so they won't be afraid of getting older."

Jane is well-known for her environmental activism, and she's determined to do everything she can to help halt climate change. She explained, "It's going to be rough for young people, and I just want my kids to know and my grandkids to know that I did my best."

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