Michael Buble Supports Reporter After Tony Danza's Rude Response on Red Carpet Interview
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After Rye Myers shared a clip of his interview with the 'Who's the Boss?' alum, the 'Haven't Met You Yet' singer reacts to his viral video by praising, 'I think you're amazing Ry.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Buble made sure one particular reporter knew he had his back. Having watched Rye Myers' viral TikTok video in which the reporter received a rude response from Tony Danza, the "Haven't Met You Yet" hitmaker turned to the clip's comment section to show his support.

"I think you're amazing Ry," Michael wrote to Rye on Friday, April 28. The 47-year-old singer went on to say, "I'll have a pizza with ya." He then publicly let out that he was not a fan of Tony's rude behavior by a taking dig at the "Who's the Boss?" alum as noting, "Let's not invite Tony…."

Rye was apparently over the moon at Michael's support, and was quick in writing back, "Omg Michael, thank you for the kind comment. Means so much!" He also expressed his excitement for the pizza offer as saying, "I'd LOVE to have pizza with you! It would be fun!"

Rye's clash with Tony took place on Wednesday, April 26 at the premiere of Broadway's "New York, New York". At that time, he interviewed Tony and producer Jamie deRoy on the red carpet. Excitedly greeting the two, he soon found Tony telling him to "relax a little" and "take it easy." The actor also noted that the reporter was "more excited than we are."

During the chat, Rye threw several questions to Tony, including one about his "favorite New York City staple food." In response, the 72-year-old actor stated, "You know what you've got to do, buddy? You've got to come up with better questions." He went on to tell Jamie, "Come on, let's go," as he walked away.

In the wake of the incident, Rye turned to his TikTok account to share the awkward moment. In the caption, he further shared his thoughts about Tony as he wrote, "As a red carpet reporter, I'm here to help bring excitement to your event and promote it! I LOVE chatting with Broadway and Entertainment's best as 'Your Broadway & Entertainment BFF!' "

He added, "I understand not everyone is in the mood to answer questions, and you can always pass. I asked these same questions (and a few others!) to heavy hitters like #JoelGray #linmanuelmiranda and others, and only #TonyDanza replied like this…. To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement… But, my professionalism showed through!"

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