Kelsea Ballerini Slowly Becomes Comfortable Being Alone Again
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Months after finalizing her divorce from Morgan Evans, the 'Peter Pan' hitmaker admits although she now has less people in her life, she still feels safe and secure since she reinvested in her real life.

AceShowbiz - Kelsea Ballerini has become "really good at being alone again." Months after finalizing her divorce from Morgan Evans whom she married in 2017, the 29-year-old singer insists she is slowly adjusting to her new reality.

"I think being alone requires you to be comfortable with whatever's going to come up in the quiet," she told PEOPLE. "If you're okay with whatever arises, then you're fine. If you're not comfortable being alone, it means that you're probably running away from something."

Kelsea now has "less people in [her] life," but she still feels safe and secure. The "Peter Pan" hitmaker explained, "When I'm on the road, I feel a really big peace when I walk off stage because I'm like, 'Okay, you showed up for people who showed up for you, and you did your job.' "

"I've reinvested in my real life really recently, and I feel like I have less people in my life, but the people I do have are pillars and safe and important," she went on elaborating.

Kelsea's perception of beauty has also changed over the last 12 months. She said, "I think beautiful to me is happy right now, and that is very subject to change. I used to think it was very aesthetic, and I think it's much more internal now."

In early 2023, Kelsea revealed that she "lost so much hair" after splitting from Morgan. She admitted that her blonde locks started to fall out because of the "stress" caused by their break-up. The singer, who began dating her country singer ex in 2016, told The New York Times newspaper, "I lost so much hair last year - just stress. It's growing back, in, like, little sprouts. It's a whole thing."

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