DaBaby Says He'd Love to Work on New Album With Megan Thee Stallion

In a new interview, the 'BOP' spitter also claims that he is 'cooler than a fan' with the Houston hottie despite their tension over his 2022's song, 'Boogeyman'.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby hinted that he has rekindled his relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. The "ROCKSTAR" hitmaker, who previously insinuated that he has slept with the Houston hottie, declared in a new interview that he'd love to work with her on a new album.

The 31-year-old emcee made the declaration when speaking to TMZ on Thursday, April 20. "Would I do a new album with Megan Thee Stallion? Absolutely, Meg," he stated. "Get at me, you know I'll do a song with you."

Asked if they had reconciled, DaBaby claimed he and Meg are "cooler than a fan." The "BOP" spitter said he was also "cooler than a fan" with Tory Lanez, who has been found guilty of shooting Megan in the feet. However, according to the Ohio-born rapper, "it's hard to speak" to the Canadian star.

Still, DaBaby emphasized that he's "cool with everybody." He then shared a piece of advice, "Spread love. Spread joy."

DaBaby made headlines back in September 2022 after releasing a song called "Boogeyman". On the track, he claimed he slept multiple times with Hot Meg, including "the day before" the shooting incident involving Tory.

"You play with me that s**t was childish/ The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her, I was f**kin on Megan Thee Stallion," DaBaby raps, seemingly referencing the incident where Tory was allegedly shooting Megan in Los Angeles on July 12, 2020. The second part of the verse appears to be a call-back to his June 2021 back-and-forth on Twitter with Megan's boyfriend Pardison Fontaine.

"Waited to say that s**t on my next album/ Hit it the day before too/ But I kept it player, I ain't say nothing 'bout it/ Had her pretty boy, boyfriend tweeting me, ready to die 'bout the b***h like a coward," he spits. "I told you n***as don't play, now you gone have to handle me/ I poked the muthaf**kin bear, I'm an animal."

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