Michael Buble Thinks Many Stars Struggled to Grow Because They Tasted Fame at Young Age

The 'Haven't Met You Yet' hitmaker believes fame hinders growth so he's grateful to shoot to stardom when he was in his late 20s because he's developed into a well-rounded person.

AceShowbiz - Michael Buble thinks fame "stunts growth" so celebrities remain trapped at the age they shot to stardom. The 47-year-old pop crooner didn't find fame until he was in his late 20s and he says he's glad it took him a while to build his profile because he had time to develop into a grown-up and well-rounded person.

"I was 28 [when I became famous]. I believe that fame can stunt your growth, I really do. So I wasn't 21, I was 28. I was a man. OK, definitely not perfect. But I had become who I would become," he explained in an interview with the Guardian.

Buble - who has four children with his wife Luisana Lopilato - went on to talk about staying grounded despite his celebrity status, revealing his kids attend the same state school in Canada which he went to as a child and he now hangs out with the other parents who all previously studied alongside him.

He said, "There's this smell of all the hallways, I remember everything. Same teachers, the kids that I went to school with are the same people I walk my kids to school with now. The first time was probably a strange moment for them, and for me, too. You don't want to act like you think you're something special, you don't want to be too aloof."

The "Haven't Met You Yet" star added of his group of friends, "Now we're drinking at the pub. We're going golfing. It's funny how quickly that happens. They're not impressed. They might say, 'Hey, you got the Grammy - good for you.' But they're not impressed. It's a really cool life."

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