Lewis Capaldi Likes Being Treated 'Like a Dog' by His Girlfriend: 'That's My Kink!'

The 'Before You Go' hitmaker says his girlfriend talks to him like she does to her pet and makes sure he's well looked after and gets a walk in the park.

AceShowbiz - Lewis Capaldi feels like he's treated "a bit like a dog" by his girlfriend. The "Someone You Loved" singer, 26, who announced last year his Tourette's diagnosis to explain tics he had been displaying on stage and who is said to be dating dancer Ellie MacDowall, 23, thinks he's as well looked-after as a pet by his partner as she makes sure he's fed and gets a walk in the park.

"I have a girlfriend, I am dating someone, a lady? She is a nice lady, sometimes we hold hands and things, and we walk around parks," he said in his "Lewis Capaldi: How I'm Feeling Now" documentary.

"She treats me a bit like a dog, the way she talks to me, she talks to her dog. She'll come in and go, 'Right Mr Man', and I'm like, 'Alright, you say that to your dog, like I have heard you say that to your dog,' and like, 'Come on we'll go on a walk.' But I kind of like it, that is my kink! I'm a good boy."

But Lewis has also admitted his Tourette's syndrome - which he fears may force him to quit music due to the worsening tics he suffers as a result of the condition - as well as the stresses of his global fame and anxiety makes it hard for him to form new bonds with people.

He told The Sun ahead of the release of his documentary, "It can be difficult forming new relationships. I've done it though. I've had great relationships, but the hardest thing is you're scared all the time. I feel a wee bit terrified, all the time. So if I'm walking down the street and I notice somebody looking at me, suddenly I start doubting what I've just done or wishing I'd done something else, that sort of thing. It's hyper self-awareness."

Lewis added, "I'm pretty good at self-analysis, but not quite as good at self-censorship. I've got away with it so far, but who knows. I like to think I'm sort of alright, for the most part, but also nobody ever seems to ask me about controversial issues. I like that too, by the way. I don't suddenly want to talk about important things - but also who the hell cares what I think about a difficult subject?"

Lewis also admitted he suffers panic attacks "every time" he goes drinking - while admitting getting "hammered" is the only time his Tourette's twitches disappears as it makes him "numb" to the world. He added, "Every time I go out boozing properly, I have a panic attack the next day about what I might have said or done that is going to come back to haunt me. Maybe someone filmed me being obnoxious."

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