Lewis Capaldi Explains How Documentary Triggered His Imposter Syndrome

The 'Someone You Loved' hitmaker confesses he felt embarrassed being followed around by camera while filming his Netflix documentary 'How I'm Feeling Now'.

AceShowbiz - Lewis Capaldi is embarrassed by his fame. The 26-year-old "Someone You Loved" singer - who is worried his Tourette's syndrome may force him to quit music - felt uncomfortable making his upcoming Netflix documentary "How I'm Feeling Now" when a camera crew followed him into his favourite pub Tennant's Bar in Glasgow as he thought drinkers would think he was a "k*** head" who had "changed" due to his celebrity and fortune.

"Fame in general is quite embarrassing. I had to come in here, in this pub, once with the cameras and I was so mortified. If I was watching on I'd have just been like, 'What a k*** head - he's changed,' " he told The Sun in an interview from his local drinking spot in Glasgow's West End, near his flat.

He added about suffering bouts of "imposter syndrome" despite his string of chart-topping hits, "I was at the Brits recently. I got out of the car and a load of kids are hanging out with cameras and I suddenly start telling myself, 'Oh, it's not for me, they don't want my picture, they're waiting for Harry Styles.' It's impostor syndrome, and it's a very real thing for me. It's wild, but the documentary really triggered that."

BRIT Award winner Lewis' documentary will tackle the impact of his Tourette's condition on his life and career. He revealed in 2022 on "The Zach Sang Show" he had been diagnosed with the condition, which causes uncontrollable twitching and unwanted sounds in sufferers, and still fears despite revealing his condition fans may mistake his ever-worsening tics as the result of drug abuse.

But he said looking back on his life and fame on film made him feel like it was a "posthumous" show and he was waiting for a "scene at the end where I died." He added, "It's quite a depressing documentary if we boil it down! I watched it back and I was waiting for a scene at the end where I died. The first draft was even worse, it felt almost posthumous. But they managed to find a story which I didn't see myself."

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