'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Zach Shallcross Confronted Over Fantasy Suites Drama Before Proposal

The highly-anticipated finale of the popular dating show's season 27 sees the leading man making his final decision that will change his life as well as the lives of the remaining two ladies, Gaby and Kaity.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" aired its season 27 finale on Monday, March 27. The highly-anticipated finale saw leading man Zach Shallcross making his final decision that will change his life as well as the lives of the remaining two ladies, Gaby and Kaity.

The episode kicked off with Ariel, who was eliminated in last week's episode, having a talk with host Jesse Palmer in the studio about her Fantasy Suites experience with Zach. She revealed thatt she was hurt to find out on TV that Zach slept with Gabi despite saying that he didn't want to have sex with any of the women during the Fantasy Suite dates.

After Zach joined them onstage, Ariel confronted Zach about his decision. "By taking sex off the table, you made the whole week about sex," Ariel told Zach.

Zach showed regret and apologized to her. "I look back and apologize for that," Zach told Ariel. He also admitted that he was selfish in making the decision without considering the feelings of the other contestants. "Look back, it pains me at the hurt it caused. I made it one sided and it was very selfish of me," Zach said.

The show then cut to Krabi, Thailand, where Zach would make a decision between Kaity and Gabi. He later reunited with his parents and his sisters before meeting the final two men. He also explained the Fantasy Suites drama to his family.

Gabi was the first one to meet Zach's family. Zach's dad pulled Gabi aside to have a private conversation. She told him that "family is everything to her." Meanwhile, Zach's mom told her son that the couple looked "very happy together."

It was then time for Kaity to meet Zach's family. She broke into tears in conversations with Zach's mom and sisters. "It's just really nice to think about being a part of your family," Kaity said, referring to the fact that her family life isn't very traditional as it's just her and her mom.

Later, Kaity made the big move by confessing her love to Zach. "I am so in love with you, Zach," she told him. Zach responded with a smile and the two kissed.

The pair then enjoyed a hiking date. Unfortunately, technical difficulties ruined the moment for viewers and when things got back to normal, Gabi was seen sobbing to the camera as she felt that Zach wouldn't choose her. "I can see what's coming," she cried. "When will I ever be enough?"

Zach, meanwhile, didn't do his best to reassure Gabi as he said that he's "torn." He told Gabi that he's "absolutely falling in love with her," but Gabi wasn't convinced. "He can say he's falling in love, but if his heart is in two places, he's also falling in love with Kaity," she said.

Zach then went to pick a ring. On the other hand, Gabi was nervous. "I think I just know what's about to happen. I have a gut feeling and I think if it was me, I'd know it was me," she said. She was right, because Zach broke her heart. She tearfully told Zach that she wanted him to be happy and that she didn't want an apology from him.

In the studio, Gabi claimed that she felt "humiliated" by the rejection. "Even though I had that gut feeling, I didn't think that someone who cared about me would make me go up there and go through all that stress and anxiety the entire day. I felt humiliated," she said. While crying, Gabi added that she felt violated by what went down during Fantasy Suites.

When Zach came on stage, Gabi shockingly revealed that she didn't know that Zach had told people about their intimate moments until she watched last week's episode. Zach apologized, adding that there's "no excuse." He continued, "The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you like that."

Meanwhile, Kaity was "nervous but excited" as she walked to Zach's proposal spot on the beach. Zach then proposed to her as he presented Kaity with a gorgeous oval cut ring, which she accepted.

Zach noted that he knew Kaity was the one when he saw Kaity at her last chance date. "It's always been you," Zach said, adding that he had to "wait it out" but that he knew it was Kaity for a while. When the two came on After the Final Rose following the airing of the finale, they confirmed that they're happily still together

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