'Harry Potter' Star Miriam Margolyes Forgets Her 'Sexual Encounter' With Tony Robinson
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The 81-year-old actress is reminded by the 76-year-old actor that she once put her hand down his trousers and 'tickled' his private parts when the pair were waiting in the wings during a show.

AceShowbiz - Miriam Margolyes and Sir Tony Robinson once had a "sexual encounter" when she "tickled" his private parts. The pair were waiting in the wings during a show when the "Harry Potter" actress put her hand down the 76-year-old star's trousers, just seconds before he was due on stage.

Tony reminded Miriam of the encounter, which took place in Leicester when they first met, on his new "Cunningcast" podcast, and she replied, "We had a sexual encounter? I don't remember that." The "Blackadder" star explained, "I was in the wings, waiting to go on. And suddenly you put your hand down my trousers and tickled my balls."

Miriam replied, "I never did!" Tony then laughed, and added, "Why would I lie about a thing like that? I remember how split down the middle I was because a part of me thought, oh, my God, this is fantastic. Nobody ever, just out of the blue does that to me. I must just squeeze every inch of pleasure out of this possible. The other part of me was thinking in about nine seconds time, I have to go on stage. It was during the show. The acting was going on. I was standing behind the door waiting to go on. You were, I guess, going to be on next after me and it was so funny. I suppose nowadays people would say that to you sexually harassed me, but it wasn't like that at all as far as I was concerned. Looking in your eyes, it was the funniest joke possible."

Miriam, 81, still didn't remember the encounter, but admitted it sounded "very unprofessional." She said, "How very unprofessional of me, I am now apologising for that era, but I can't remember it. I'm so glad you remember it."

But Tony said, "It was probably the high point of my sexual life." Miriam, who is a lesbian and has been with her partner, Heather Sutherland, for 56 years, admitted she rarely thinks about sex nowadays, but still likes to try to work out where a guy's manhood is if she is sitting on a Tube train opposite them.

She said, "I don't think about sex. However, if I'm on a tube which I'm not now very much because I frightened of Covid, but when I was on tubes, I always looked at men's trousers to see where their c***s were. So there's still a, I don't know a little fragment of sex left in me."

Tony Robinson's Cunningcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/tony-robinsons-cunningcast/id1676254046 - is available to listen to on all podcast platforms.

Asked if that is "just curiosity," she replied, "Yes, I think it's curiosity. And also a rather charming sense of wonder. It's so interesting to me that that you have c***s and balls. Something that hangs outside of your body. Extraordinary. So I think I'm still a bit amazed and rather thrilled. Something so different."

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