KaMillion Shares Footage of Her Being Pulled Over and Robbed by Mexican Cartel: 'Worst Trip Ever'

The 'Rap Sh!t' star declares she's never going to Mexico again after her scary encounter with a cartel following reports of the kidnapping of four Americans by the Gulf Cartel.

AceShowbiz - KaMillion had a bad experience during her latest trip to Mexico. The rapper has opened up about her scary encounter with a Mexican cartel in the wake of the kidnapping of four Americans by the Gulf Cartel.

On Wednesday, March 8, KaMillion took to her Instagram page to share footage of her and her crew being pulled over by the cartel. She claimed that they took $1,500 from her stylist but they kept asking for more from her.

"That's all, $1,500?" one person, who extorted KaMillion and her crew, was heard saying in the video. The raptress responded, "That's all." She also stressed that she didn't have any drugs with her.

"[This] is footage of me and my crew in Mexico," the Jacksonville native wrote in the caption. "The cartel pulled us over saw money in our bags and tried to collect money or they said they were taking us away. They took 1500 from the stylist and asked where's the rest. I hid mine but they kept asking for more. Scary stuff."

She continued reflecting on the experience that could've turned worse, "Seeing the tragedies unfold in the media when I came back of people being killed I feel so blessed. I'm never goin to Mexico again. Literally my worst trip ever. Police Cartel is different shi crazy. I was told They are associated with the cartel and kidnap tourist and extort money."

In the comments section, people expressed their relief that KaMillion made it out alive. "I'm trembling watching this video, and I'm so thankful you made it out," Houston emcee Just Brittany said. Influencer Jessie Woo noted she "got hustled at the airport when I went to Tulum." R&B songstress Lil Mo added, "I'm glad you are OK. Thanks for sharing this. It's REAL out here. And when you're in cartel land, they are ALL in on it. It's WILD."

On Thursday, KaMillion further addressed the incident on her Instagram Story. "People are asking me about Mexico. The best advice that I could give you is don't stay in an Airbnb. Stay somewhere that's in a developed community because our a** was in an Airbnb," she said in a video. "The streets weren't even paved where we was staying at."

The "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" alum went on claiming that the tires on her vehicle were also slashed. She later stressed that she's never going back to Mexico again.

KaMillion didn't specifically mention when the incident took place, but she shared her story in the wake of the recent kidnapping of four Americans in Matamoros, in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, on Friday, March 3.

Sadly, two of the travelers and an innocent Mexican bystander were killed by the Gulf Cartel. The two American tourists, Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard, are believed to have been targeted by mistake and were not the intended victims. Investigators believe a Mexican cartel likely mistook them for Haitian drug smugglers.

On Thursday, police discovered five men with a note claiming to be from a Gulf cartel faction saying it wanted to turn over those behind the abductions. The alleged kidnappers were found with zip ties in a truck near the intersection where the four Americans were kidnapped last week.

The cartel wrote in the letter, "The Gulf Cartel Grupo Escorpiones strongly condemns the events of Friday, March 3 in which unfortunately an innocent working mother died and four American citizens were kidnapped, of which two died."

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