Joe Budden Doubles Down on Criticism of Michael B. Jordan for Dragging a Red Carpet Interviewer
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The podcast host stands by his opinion of the 'Creed III' actor after facing backlash for calling him 'corny' because the 36-year-old confronted his former classmate on red carpet over her alleged past comments.

AceShowbiz - Joe Budden won't budge on his comments on Michael B. Jordan. The former rapper has doubled down on his criticism of the actor after the latter confronted his former schoolmate on red carpet over her alleged past comments.

"If any other Black multi millionaire embarrassed a woman working on a red carpet cuz she though he was corny in 7 th grade y'all would call him a lot more than corny...," Joe responded to the backlash via his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, March 1. He added, "Also I work for me & im not firing myself. I said what I said, get off my d**k."

Joe previously weighed in on Michael's awkward red carpet interaction with Lore'l, whom the "Black Panther" star wrongly accused of calling him "corny." In a recent episode of "Joe Budden Podcast", the host said, "Dawg, you doing that to a girl is some corny-n***a s**t. You being Michael B. Jordan, today, allegedly sexiest man alive, all of these blockbuster movies, during your highlight week. You've probably never been more visible than you are right this second. And that's what you do to her?"

"And if I bring back those White girl rumors, then it's gon' sound even crazier," he said, referencing Michael's alleged history of dating only white girls. "Why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet when you don't talk to White b***hes like that?"

"But I'm not gon' make it race here," Joe continued. "They say I make everything race. That was corny of him to speak to that girl like that. Michael B. Jordan, that's why n***as call you corny. Hey, Creed. In case you was confused, that corny-a** s**t you did is why n***as think you corny. In case you were off a little bit."

Following his comments, Joe was called out by Michael's fans, who think that he's in no place to judge the 36-year-old hunk. "Joe Budden out of all people saying this is wild wasn't he just talking crazy about Megan Thee Stallion while she was going through her trial. Didn't he beat a pregnant lady till she miscarried? Like how many times has he disparaged black women to uplift latinas? Like gtfoh," one person said.

Another tweeted, "Joe Budden commenting emphatically on how black men should treat black women all while repeatedly talking over and ignoring the black woman in the room is the kind of tone deafness that makes it unwatchable for ME." A third pointed out, "Isn't he the same ni**a who was calling Vivica A. Fox all types of old/washed up bitc*es & h*es? Joe Budden is so unserious."

Following Michael's accusations, it was later revealed that it was not Lore'l, but her co-host Dominique Da Diva, who called the actor "corny" back in 2021. Despite the clarification, Lore'l still faced backlash.

"And the things people are saying to me, like they hope I get raped and killed and popped in my head," she told TMZ. "I just think like, if you were upset 'cause you said that I called him corny and those are the things that you're rebuttling with, it's like, the crime and the punishment-if that's what you thought I said-it doesn't even match up. How is that okay?"

She also denied bullying Michael in high school. "FYI, we went to school together for one year, so the narrative that I bullied him all throughout high school...this was seventh grade. We were like, 12 years old. Everybody made fun of each other," she argued. "I would get joked on because of my complexion, and I went to a predominantly Black school, so it's like, 'White girl!' We made fun of each other. That was school, that was one year. Again, I never bullied him. That just sounds outrageous to me."

She then compared Michael's reaction to "the Will Smith thing" Oscars moment. "This isn't something we haven't heard," she claimed. "I just never said it. I defended him numerous times, just because of the fact that I did have a rapport with him."

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