600 Breezy Recalls Being on 'Drug Binge' for Months Following GF's Suicide

When sharing his story, the rapper says he was 'at my mom house, laying on the floor, balled up in a corner with my grandad's ashes or my cousins' during his grieving process.'

AceShowbiz - 600 Breezy admitted that he was on a "drug binge" for months in the wake of his girlfriend Raven's suicide. The rapper reflected on the dark times when appearing on VladTV.

"I was a skeleton," the emcee recalled. "I just went on a three, four-month, just drug binge... Literally, at my mom house, laying on the floor, balled up in a corner with my grandad's ashes or my cousins. Just trying to feel their energy. I just wanted to understand life more, because it was just like, 'Aight, my girl not here, I don't want to be here no more.' "

600 Breezy went on to note, "She was a great part of my life. She taught me a lot. I got a lot from her. As like, she was only in my life for two years so why end my life for - you know what I'm saying?" He added, "Do something stupid when I got kids that I gotta raise forever. Even when they're 30, I'm still gonna have to be in they life."

"I still got my mom, I do something to myself…my mom. You know, I had to really sit back and think," he continued. "I just used the drugs to cope, just to be in a numbness. Then I have to snap out of it."

600 Breezy confirmed his girlfriend's tragic passing in September 2022. Posting a picture of them together, he penned on Instagram, "Baby why would you do this to me , why would you do this to us. I was coming back home I promised you I would." He added, "You just gone leave me forever? You kno how many people love you raven ? I would've never left if this was the outcome."

"Im f**ked up for the rest of my life baby mentally you just finished me . Im shaking I'm crying I love you so much stinky pie . My woman my wife my life …You pushed me away so you can do this ???" he went on to say. "I would've died with you raven I did any and everything for you …I'll never be able to love again @raven.k.jackson . I'll see you soon baby. God help me please."

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