Kodak Black Rules Out Collaborating With Drake After He Releases 'Her Loss' With 21 Savage

The 'Wake Up in the Sky' rapper makes the declaration during an Instagram Live months after he suggested that he and the Canadian rap star were working on an album together.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black seemingly has ruled out the possibility of working together with Drake. The "Wake Up in the Sky" hitmaker declared on social media that he won't collaborate with the Canadian superstar after he released a joint album with 21 Savage called "Her Loss".

The 25-year-old emcee made his statement during an Instagram Live. "I had told Drake I don't wanna do no collab... No songs or no album. 'Cause we supposed to done did a whole album before him a lil' buddy," he said, seemingly referring to 21 Savage.

"Before him and lil' buddy did that s**t. I had told him I wanted to wait [until] like, 2023," the Pompano Beach, Florida native further explained. "Like, after February."

In the summer of 2022, Kodak suggested that he and Drake were working on an album together. “Me and Drake, we got some more music," he stated at the time. "It's really on like whenever bruh might feel like he ready and stuff. They be like, 'Is we gon' drop the album? We gon' do this?’ It's really on him. We got a lot of songs, though."

In 2020, Kodak gave Drake his flower. "I Am Your Biggest Fan Sir. … If We Can't Do A Whole Album Together, I Never Want To Do A Song With You Sir," he commented on Drake's social post.

After "Haitian Boy Kodak" arrived, Drake told Koak, "Man you always give me that inspiration…Real POET…Oracle." He continued, "Man let's do some music for sure. But for real you really on another level."

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